School Nutrition News

Hello MGSD families!

We were just informed that our MGSD School Nutrition Department will be able to offer school meals for free to all students ages 0 to 18 in our community through December 31, 2020! We would still like for you to use our Nutrislice site to order ahead. By placing your order on Nutrislice, your child will be able to choose different options for their meals. If you have a child who is not yet in school, you can still set up an account for them in Nutrislice and choose their meals, too! This is available for ALL children ages 0 through 18 who would like to take part. Ms. Kim McCall, our MGSD School Nutrition Director, will be sending out more detailed information this Friday, but we couldn't wait to share the good news! 

Thank you for being part of our MGSD district!