MGSD Covid-19 Dashboard

Hello MGSD families,

To ensure transparency with our parents and community, the Mooresville Graded School District will publish and update our numbers of staff and students isolated/quarantined due to the following reasons:  1) received a positive COVID-19 test, 2) designated as a close contact, or 3) symptomatic according to the NCDHHS list of symptoms.  For the purposes of this dashboard, these numbers include reports received beginning on October 19, 2020.  We will update this dashboard regularly as we receive new reports and/or as individuals are no longer isolated or quarantined.  Once individuals meet all requirements to return to school, they will show as "Recovered" on the dashboard.

Please keep in mind that while these numbers include employees and students in our district who have been isolated/quarantined, the data do not distinguish between close contacts within the school environment or close contacts made in the general community.  For example, if an employee or student has been quarantined due to being exposed to a friend outside of MGSD, they are still included in these numbers.  The same rule applies to a positive case.  All positive cases are included whether COVID-19 was contracted from another MGSD employee/student or in the general community. 


You can access the dashboard directly at:  MGSD COVID-19 Dashboard.  For a video tutorial on how to use the dashboard, please check out this video:  MGSD COVID-19 Dashboard Tutorial.  Alternatively, you can access it via our MGSD website homepage by clicking on the COVID-19 icon directly under the sliding photos.  At this link, you can also find our MGSD 2nd Quarter School Operating Plans.