MGSD Communication August 20th

Hello MGSD!

We hope you all had a good third week as we find ourselves quickly heading toward the halfway point of our first quarter!  We have a few important announcements and reminders for you this week:  county alert system, bus routes, bus driver jobs, school meal kits... It can all be found below!

1.  Today is the two week review of the data for our county alert system.  Iredell County is still designated as RED with critical community transmission, so we will continue to require masks for at least the next two weeks.  NCDHHS is now using the CDC Community Transmission Map for categorizing counties in the alert system.  The new system can still be found on the NCDHHS Covid-19 Dashboard, as well as on our MGSD Covid-19 Dashboard (linked). 


The old county alert system placed counties into 1 of 5 categories and was based on the previous 14 days of data:

  • Low (Green)
    • Cases per 100,000 = <10
    • % Test Positive = <2.9%
    • Hospital Impact = Low
  • Moderate (Light Yellow)
    • Cases per 100,000 = 10-19
    • % Test Positive = 3.0%-4.9%
    • Hospital Impact = Slight
  • Significant (Yellow)
    • Cases per 100,000 = 20-100
    • % Test Positive = 5.0%-7.9%
    • Hospital Impact = Medium
  • Substantial (Orange)
    • Cases per 100,000 = 101-200
    • % Test Positive = 8.0%-10.0%
    • Hospital Impact = Moderate
  • Critical (Red)
    • Cases per 100,000 = >200
    • % Test Positive = >10.0%
    • Hospital Impact = High

The new system that NC is using from the CDC places counties into 1 of 4 categories and is based on 7 days of rolling data:

  • Low (Blue)
    • Cases per 100,000 = 0-9.99
    • % Test Positive = 0-4.99%
  • Moderate (Yellow)
    • Cases per 100,000 = 10-49.99
    • % Test Positive = 5-7.99%
  • Substantial (Orange)
    • Cases per 100,000 = 50-99.99
    • % Test Positive = 8-9.99%
  • High (Red)
    • Cases per 100,000 = >100
    • % Test Positive = >10.0%

The new model does not use hospital impact in its categorization method and is based upon 7 days (rolling) compared to the old system using the previous 14 days.  This is the reason that you will see the CDC model having a lower threshold number for its "Cases per 100,000" category than the old model.  However, those cases per 100,000 numbers are consistent with one another when looking at 7 day and 14 day totals. We will continue to review the data every two weeks on a Friday to make our determination on masking status for the following two weeks, with our next review occurring on September 3.

2.  If you are the parent or guardian of a bus rider, we apologize for the delays and route issues you may have experienced with the beginning of the school year.  MGSD bus ridership has gone from just under 1900 students on the first day of school to almost 3300 students as of today 8/20.  As a result, some buses are overcrowded and running behind schedule.  


For this reason, next Thursday, August 26, 2021, MGSD will be implementing new bus routes and bus stops.  Emails will be sent out next Monday and Tuesday, August 23/24, with updated information.  It is vital that ALL bus riders pay close attention to this information to ensure you know of any changes as many bus assignments and times will change.  If you have not received an email by Tuesday evening, please make sure it's not in SPAM and/or contact your child's school to verify stop information.  


As always, please arrive 15 minutes before and allow 15 minutes after the assigned stop time for the bus to arrive.  As these new assignments are put into place please allow two weeks for things to settle into the new routine.

3.  If you or someone you know is interested in making a difference for our children and being part of the MGSD team, we have a great need for bus drivers!  For information, please contact our MGSD transportation department at 704-658-2634 or email Lesia Pearson at

4.   The MGSD School Nutrition Department will hold their Weekly Meal Kit Pick-Up on TUESDAY at Mooresville High School. The pick-up time is 1PM - 3PM.  These kits include frozen and non-perishable items that can easily be prepared at home in the microwave or oven.
Any child (0 - 18 years old) who does not have the opportunity to receive meals in the school building are still eligible for MGSD School Nutrition Weekly Meal Kits.  We will provide each child (0 - 18 years old) a breakfast and lunch for 5 days - FOR FREE.

Please sign up for the next available pick-up on TUESDAY, from 1PM - 3PM at MOORESVILLE HIGH SCHOOL.  YOU MUST ORDER AHEAD BY COMPLETING the form below.  IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, please contact the School Nutrition Department 704-658-2639  
Here is the link to order your Meal Kit for the Week: 
We look forward to serving you!

Thank you to our staff, students, and parents for the good start to our school year!  Have a wonderful weekend!