If you see your number in the table below, bring your soccer bag to school for practice. Please be prepared for inside and outside play. Practice will be until 4:45.

12 9
40 16
7 37
18 17
13 19
14 28
3 30
21 22
23 36


MMS believes athletics help develop the well-rounded child.  We offer football, cross country, tennis, softball, volleyball, basketball, Cheerleading, wrestling, baseball, soccer and track.


Please watch the video first that will walk you through all of the athletic information and forms.  This video also includes important information explaining the forms that need to be completed.

Walk through video explaining sports workout information


Please visit the following link for more information on sports tryouts and workouts for girls and boys soccer, wrestling, and baseball.  This link will include the student interest forms and evaluation forms that must be completed.


Tryout information for girls and boys soccer, wrestling, and baseball

Mooresville Middle School has been informed that we will NOT be able to have wrestling tryouts starting this Monday, March 29th.  This is per the State High School Athletic Association.  This has to do with the Covid regulations that must be followed, and the nature of the sport of wrestling.  Mooresville Middle School will keep you informed as we receive more information from the State High School Athletic Association.





Sports Schedules

Please visit the following schedule links for dates and times for Volleyball, and 7th/8th Grade Football.  



7th/8th Grade Combined Football Schedule

Girls and Boys Soccer








Welcome to the new and very different start to the school year 2020-2021.  We are hoping that we are able to have athletics this year.  As of now we do not know exactly when that will be or what it will look like. We will try to have abbreviated seasons of each sport this school year.  If we are able to start athletics during November or December all students will be eligible UNTIL THE END OF DECEMBER.  This will be the end of the first semester and includes grades and attendance according to the State guidelines.  

However, second semester athletics will require both 7th and 8th grade students to meet specific requirements.  

The state middle school athletic eligibility requirements are as follows: 

  1. Students must pass 3 out of 4 core subjects each semester AND meet promotion standards established by the school system. 

  2. A student must be in attendance at least 85% of the previous semester. 

  3. All athletes must have a valid physical every 365 days.  This MUST be on a state approved physical form and can no longer be faxed.  

  4. A student cannot participate in middle school athletics if they turn 15 years of age on or before August 31st of the school year. 


STUDENTS:  Be sure you are attending all of your classes AND doing your best work.  What you do between now and December will determine if you can try out for a sport during the second semester. Remember:  a semester grade is an average of first and second quarter grades. 



  •  all 7th grade students that have not already turned in an athletic physical, new 8th grade students to Mooresville Middle School, and any 8th grader that did not have an athletic physical last year:  you will need to have an athletic physical (not a well check). Please email a copy of both sides to  so that it can be checked to be sure it meets the State standards.   We must have the original on file so at some point bring it to the office at the middle school.  The blank physical form is available through a link on the MMS athletic website.

If you have any questions please feel free to email

Please note that the physical form that is attached must be used for all physicals.

Athletic Physical Form