Academics within the Mooresville Graded School District are at the core of student performance and exist to establish MGSD students as globally innovative leaders by fostering a culture that cultivates critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, rigor, relevance and social relationships.  District level administrators facilitate the overall plans for and implementation of MGSD's academic curriculum and instruction; site administrators lead the implementation of curriculum and instruction and are key stakeholders in all decision-making regarding it.  All district schools’ curriculum is aligned to the North Carolina Standard Course of Study, and enhanced via a digital format and digital resources. 

Academics within MGSD are based on many of the beliefs and values articulated within the district strategic plan:

  • An environment of pervasive caring supports students' optimal growth and success;
  • Academics will honor students' differences while providing them with high expectations;
  • Data will be studied and reflected upon to inform instructional practices and programming that is personalized, customized, and individualized;
  • Digital resources and tools is the basis for relevant and effectively delivered curriculum;
  • Global awareness, civic literacy, financial literacy and health awareness are integrated into core curriculum content; and 
  • Critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication should be integrated into teaching and learning for staff and students.

For more details about our district and its academic standing, please look at our North Carolina Report Card and read our district's welcome letters.



Ayana Robinson, Principal

Tracy Pratt-Dixon, Assistant Principal, 7th Grade

Jennifer Marshall, Assistant Principal, 8th Grade

Bernard Waugh, Assistant Principal of Instruction

7th Grade Teachers

Black tornadoes Team

Red  Hurricanes TEam

8th Grade Teachers

Panthers Team

Rams Team

Exceptional Children Department

Elective Team


Support Staff

  • Kathryn Buff, 8th Grade Counselor
  • Michael Hamilton-Genson, 7th Grade Counselor
  • Felicia Davis, Instructional Coach
  • Justin Miller, School Librarian Media Coordinator
  • Elizabeth Stapleton, Media TA
  • Evan Flowers, Help Desk Technician
  • Dana Annas, School Nurse
  • Mrs. McGrath, Guidance Secretary
  • Mrs. Beaver, Front Office
  • Mrs. Johnson, Financial Secretary
  • Mrs. DeYarmon, Data Manager
  • Mr. Kosinsky, Intervention Specialist
  • Officer Yannucci, School Resource Officer